Amsterdam Playgroup


Playgroup Amsterdam is the perfect spot for young children aged 0 to 4 to play together and for international young parents to meet. There are lots of toys, delicious and healthy food. The Amsterdam Playgroup is open every Tuesday and Friday from 10 until 12 (except during the holidays).

Our playgroup space has a lot of toys for children of different ages. Wooden trains, blocks, instruments, cars and more. Kids play while you take a sip of your coffee.

For upcoming events check out the “Amsterdam Playgroup” Facebookpage.

How does a playgroup morning work?
Upon entry you are welcomed by one of our volunteers. They will show you where to find everything. You will soon discover that your easily get in contact with the other visitors. We find it important to get to know each other as part of our culture. There are toys everywhere in the room where your little one can play with. When weather is good we also open the doors to the garden. There children can play games outdoors.

Everyone helps with the activities for the children, and tidying up. At the end of each meeting we all help to clean the room again.


We ask parents for a 3 euro contribution (if you are running a little tight, no problem! You are always welcome). The money collected will pay for the foods, drinks, musicians and art supplies for the playgroup.